One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For scheduling appointments, call us at Tel: 919-708-7220
  • Skilled Orthopedic Clinicians

    Our therapists are skilled in providing research supported treatment interventions to help patients reach their functional goals.

  • Educating Patients on Their Diagnosis

    Patient education is a critical component to effective treatment. Our goal is to educate the patient on what their diagnosis is and how they can manage their condition independently at home.

  • One on One Manual Therapy Sessions

    We provide one on one treatment sessions that include skilled manual therapy techniques to help improve the patient's function. The manual therapy provided will be specific to your clinical diagnosis.

  • Helping Patients Perform Better

    The ultimate goal of a successful physical therapy program is to restore prior level of function. Let one of our therapist assist you to perform better in life!


What insurances are accepted?
--We accept most major insurances but please call for verification.
Do I have to have a MD referral to go to PT?
--No, in NC, we have direct access which means you do not have to have a MD referral to be seen by a licensed PT.
How long will I be coming for?
--This depends entirely upon your clinical diagnosis.  The PT will be able to give you a better idea of your duration after your initial examination.
Where are you located?
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What should I wear?
--Wear comfortable and loose clothing for your PT sessions.  Exercise/gym attire is recommended secondary to exercises being performed.
How long will I be there for?
--Most PT session are approximately 1 hr. long. 
What are your hours?
--M-F, 7:30-5:00.
How long have you been open?
--Performance Rehab first opened its doors March 13, 2008.

Performance Rehabilitation
1408 Greenway Court
Sanford, NC 27330 
Phone: 919-708-7220
Fax: 919-708-7240
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